Colors Speak Louder

It depicts the Change of Emotions better...

In the post modern art era, there are very many divisions of schools such as Conceptual art, Installation art, Feminist art and the Performance art. The use of new media and technology has further given it a boost which was lacking earlier.

The Indoor Art Gallery

Assimilating seemingly disparate sources and fusing it together is a new approach to art making. The uncertainty and novelty of creating something in a way depict the artists' perspectives and the birth of modern art.

Pioneering new Trails

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one - Lao Tzu. It is absolutely true in the case of modern art. That which began as a new way held sway over many great painters like Edouard Manet, Claude Monet, and Augustine Renoir.

The Painter's Cove

Modernism became the new tradition found in all the institutions against which it initially rebelled. The history of painting is an ongoing river of creativity, that continues into the 21st century. Postmodern artists sought to exceed the limits set by modernism. History repeats itself!

  • Client : Kindergarten School
  • Service : Mural Paintings
  • Project : Ceiling Work